furnaceIf your furnace isn’t working properly, the experts offer some tips for troubleshooting before calling for furnace repair.


Atlanta, Georgia – During this winter, it’s possible that your furnace may stop working properly. Fortunately, there are many things homeowners can do to troubleshoot their furnaces before calling for their heating and cooling technician. Phil Montgomery, owner of Alpharetta HVAC company Mr. Cool Mr. Heat, offers some tips.

“If your furnace won’t run, there are several things homeowners can do to repair it on their own,” says Montgomery, whose Atlanta heating company has more than 40 years.

First, check the power. Look for blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers. A simple blown fuse or tripped breaker may be to blame.

Second, check if the switch has accidentally been turned off. Simply turn on the power switch to see if that solves the problem.

Your motor could simply be overloaded, but this as well may be a simple fix. Wait thirty minutes, then press the reset button. This step may need to be repeated.

Two other issues that will cause the furnace not to run include a pilot light that needs to be lit and a gas valve that needs to be fully opened.

“Another problem homeowners can help fix is if not enough heat is reaching the home,” says Montgomery. “Again, there are some pretty easy steps homeowners can take before calling for furnace repair.

The first step is always to check the thermostat. It simply may be set too low, so Montgomery recommends raising the setting by five degrees.

The next step is to check the filter. If it becomes too clogged, not as much air will be able to get through. Replace the filter regularly. Montgomery recommends checking the filter once a month.

If your home isn’t getting warm enough, check the blower assembly. It’s possible that it has become clogged and needs to be cleaned. In the same vein, registers could be blocked or closed. Be sure the registers in each room that need to be heated are open and that they are not being blocked by curtains, furniture or anything else.

If the pilot light won’t light, check two things. First, check to see if the pilot opening is blocked. If that is the case, clean the opening. The other issue could be no gas is reaching the pilot light. To correct this, be sure the pilot button is fully depressed, then open the gas valve completely. If the pilot light won’t stay lit, the light may be set too low. Adjust the pilot to ensure the flame is  two inches.

“If your unit turns off and on over and over again, first check your filter,” says Montgomery. “A dirty filter can cause your unit to cycle off and on, failing to keep the home warm for long periods of time. Additionally, the motor could need lubrication.”

If your furnace is noisy, there are some ways homeowners can troubleshoot the problems before calling for a repair technician.

Access panels could be loose, so homeowners should tighten and be sure the panels are fastened correctly. Belts could be stuck, worn or damaged. In this case, replace worn or damaged belts, or spray squeaking drive belt with a belt dressing. The motor could be in need of lubrication.

“These are all pretty simple things homeowners can do on their own to fix furnace issues,” says Montgomery. “If at any point, you are unable to fix these issues on your own, or if your furnace issue doesn’t fall into one of these categories, immediately call a professional. A licensed technician can repair your furnace issue quickly and safely, ensuring your family’s comfort all winter long.”