Homeowners looking to save money should consider converting their oil furnace to a gas one.

Atlanta, Georgia – Homeowners are always looking for ways to save money. One way to save money, and ensure your home is safer and more environmentally friendly is by switching from an oil burning furnace to natural gas heat.

“The biggest reason homeowners like to make the switch is that it is more economical,” says Phil Montgomery, owner of Mr. Heat Mr. Cool, an Alpharetta heating company with more than 40 years of experience. “Gas is cheaper than oil, but it’s also more efficient. That means a home’s furnace will run more efficiently, thereby lowering monthly energy bills.”

 Many homeowners may shy away from making the conversion because it can seem too expensive to make the switch. However, Montgomery assures that there are economical ways to convert, and the amount homeowners will save in the long run on their energy costs will more than pay for the conversion.

“In some cases, we don’t have to do a completely new furnace installation,” says Montgomery. “Sometimes our HVAC repair technicians are able to convert only the unit’s burner, which saves homeowners a great deal of money.”

Another advantage to switching is that gas furnaces do not produce ash and dust inside your home. That means the air inside your home is cleaner.

Gas is typically stored remotely, as opposed to oil being stored in a tank inside your home. That means it is safer. The gas is delivered directly to your home, on demand, through underground pipes. With an oil furnace, homeowners have to wait for delivery of their oil, which can be uncomfortable if you run out on a cold night. With gas, homeowners never need to worry about that.

Another advantage is that les time and money is required for maintenance and cleaning of a gas furnace. That means fewer calls for repairs and a more efficiently running system.

 To learn more about converting from an oil running furnace to a gas one, call the experts at Mr. Heat Mr. Cool today. They can get you on the road to a more efficiently running furnace in no time.

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