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We Offer 24-Hour Emergency Service and Installations!

Feeling comfortable in the summer and winter time isn’t always a matter of just changing the temperature in your home. Often times it will take a specialist to get it exactly where you need it to be. To prevent future issues down the road with your cooling and heating systems, Mr. Cool Mr. Heat is always waiting on standby to protect you from the disasters of being “without” 24 hours a day.

We offer a broad range of heating and air conditioning services at an affordable rate. Let’s face it. We all want to feel comfortable, not just with the air quality in our home, but also with the amount of money we are spending in doing so. Mr. Cool Mr. Heat can quickly repair or replace your heating and air conditioning equipment. We are here to provide a great service, at a great price, to ensure that you have a great day!

Free Estimate We sell, install, and service:
- Furnaces
- Air Conditioners
- Roof-Mount Units
- Heat Pumps
- Thermostats
- Zone Systems
- Air Purification Systems
- Ventilation Systems

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Thank you for choosing Mr. Cool & Mr. Heat. We Are Here to Service All Your North Decatur Heating and Air Conditioning Needs!

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