UV germicidal can offer homeowners many benefits, including increased AC service efficiency and better air quality.

Atlanta, Georgia – The term UV germicidal lamp might sound like something from the future. But it’s being used in the here and now to help homeowners get much needed relief by purifying the air in their homes. These special lamps effectively remove airborne pollutants to provide increased AC service and cleaner air, allowing homeowners who suffer from allergies to breathe easier. “For many homeowners with severe allergies, the standard air purifiers just might not cut it,” says owner of  Atlanta heating and air conditioning company Mr. Cool Mr. Heat, Phil Montgomery. “Mold, mildew, fungus, dead skin cells, tobacco smoke and pet dander are common culprits of allergies. But a standard air purifier might not be efficient enough to completely clean the air and keep homeowners from calling for HVAC repair  when their unit becomes clogged.” Ultraviolet light has been used for decades to kill airborne pollutants and provide much needed sterilization. Very quickly, it can rid an air system of contaminants that are harmful to the health of a home’s residents. Mold and bacteria are a part of life. And because a home’s AC unit provides a dark and moist environment, it can often be found growing inside the unit or on its coils. That’s where the UV lamp comes in to play. It will work to kill the very DNA of the contaminant that is growing, effectively killing it and preventing it from further growth and build up on the air conditioner. The AC unit will run more efficiently because the coils will be free of mold and bacteria, allowing the air to pass through easier. When contaminants grow on the coils, they prevent air from flowing through properly. So not only are dangerous pollutants entering a home’s air supply, but the AC unit is forced to work much harder because not enough air is getting through. That means higher energy bills for homeowners, and more frequent calls for repair. “The beauty of using these UV germicidal lamps is that they work immediately,” says Montgomery, whose company also provides heating repair. “Other air purifiers may take time to kill the pollutants in the air, but a UV lamp can allow homeowners to get the fresh air they need within the first hour it is installed.” Breathing the air inside your home may actually be more harmful than the outside air; it is estimated that almost one in six residents suffers from allergies solely because of the air they breathe in their home every day. And for the more than 40 million Americans who suffer from asthma and its symptoms, spending so much time in an environment rampant with pollutants only irritates their condition. Taking a simple step such as installing a UV germicidal lamp is a quick and relatively easy way to provide relief to the occupants of a home, rather than sending them to the doctor’s office frequently. It is inexpensive to use, costing only the same as it would to run a 75-watt lightbulb. The UV rays are safe, and the benefits are hard to deny. Almost immediately, homeowners will be able to breathe easier, and will see their air conditioning units run more efficiently. To learn more about the benefits of UV germicidal lamps, and how to have one installed, call Mr. Cool Mr. Heat.





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