Storms can damage air conditioning units, too – an Atlanta heating and air conditioning expert explains what homeowners should look for.

Atlanta, Georgia – During summer storms, homeowners may worry about the damage these storms may cause to the structure of their homes, but they also need to be concerned about their air conditioning unit. Storms with lightning, hail and even tornadoes can leave homeowners calling for HVAC service. Phil Montgomery, owner of Mr. Cool Mr. Heat explains what homeowners should do in case of a storm.

 Severe storms can leave homeowners without power, and in the middle of summer, a home with no air conditioning can be unbearable. Atlanta residents should consider having back-up generators on hand in case of power outages, both in the cold winter months and the blistering hot summer months. The experts at Mr. Cool Mr. Heat, an Atlanta heating and air conditioning company with more than 40 years of experience, can help homeowners determine the correct generator for their needs.

 “In the event of a power outage, homeowners should be sure to check their circuit breakers,” says Montgomery, whose business provides cooling and heating repair services. “In some cases, an HVAC system can be turned back on by flipping the circuit switch. In other cases, there may be damage that will need to be checked out by an expert.”

 Hail, wind and debris can damage an outdoor unit during a storm, as well. Homeowners should look for dents in the unit and look for debris that may have entered into the metal cabinet that houses the unit. Homeowners may be able to clean some debris on their own, but should call an HVAC specialist to clean the unit properly.

 “It’s important for homeowners to remember that just because they cannot see damage, doesn’t mean nothing is wrong,” says Montgomery. “If a summer storm comes through, it may not cause damage to your AC unit, but it can still damage your heating elements, such as an outdoor heat pump. You won’t realize it until the cool weather sets in and you need your heater to work. Having one of our certified technicians check your unit after a storm can guarantee that if there are any damages to any of your HVAC equipment, it can be fixed before you need it.”

 After a storm rolls through, especially a severe storm, it is important that homeowners turn to certified technicians to repair or replace their equipment. Certified technicians will, like those at Mr. Cool Mr. Heat, offer work that is guaranteed and have all of the knowledge homeowners rely on.

 To be sure your unit is ready to face the summer heat and any storms that may come, call Mr. Cool Mr. Heat today for a maintenance appointment.


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